Omsk breeders started breeding ostriches (video)

Pastoralists of the Omsk region in the breeding of cows and chickens do not stop. Built the region’s largest ostrich farm. As accustomed giant birds in Siberia?


The passion for the exotic Omsk pushed farmers to such a difficult decision. On the thought came in last. Appetite for ostriches good. Birds eat up to 1 kg of feed per day. Nutrient mixture farmers are preparing here, for this they had to buy a granulator. Silage, hay, grain — all the usual diet for pets Omsk farmers. On the nutritional properties of ostrich eggs are superior chicken. A shell is not so easy to break. Ostrich egg can safely support the weight of an adult. Should be drilled.

Nina Kirichenko, a farmer: "It is better to pat, easy to talk to. We have in the next cell" swift Gosh ", he have an active and sometimes waving his legs." Gosh — authoritative of ostriches on the farm. Overseas poultry along with other brought to Siberia this summer. Ostriches have grown accustomed to the new owners.

Now Nina and Kasim waiting for spring. By this time, the owls will start to lay eggs. In future population of exotic birds are planning to increase, making the production of ostrich real brand Irtysh. Also in the district budget for the next year the farmers innovators promise to support the ruble. Despite the cold, the inhabitants of African and Australian savannas like to walk in the snow. In general, these huge birds have the potential to become a real brand in our region, especially as they do to feed unpretentious.

Nelly Skabelkina

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