Omsk company manufactured parts for supertelescopes Ultraviolet


Omsk Company "Siberian Devices and Systems" drives manufactured for space supertelescopes world space observatory "Ultraviolet" T-170M, which will be launched into orbit in 2013, said CTO Nail Talipov.

JSC "Siberian Devices and Systems" produces radio-electronic equipment for special purposes. The company is a corporation, "ISS them. Academician MF Reshetnev "and operates under the auspices of the" Russian Space Agency. "

"We produced the opening mechanism for the telescope sunshield cover and drive high gain antenna that allows the observatory will be able to see the areas of space that previously were not available for study," — he said.

According to the technical director, the telescope "Ultraviolet" was created to replace the obsolete American Hubble, the service life is coming to an end. The main tool of the observatory — a space telescope with a primary mirror diameter of 170 centimeters, it will be equipped with several types of spectrographs and cameras to build high-quality images in the ultraviolet and optical regions of the spectrum.

International project "World Space Observatory -" Ultraviolet "is aimed at the study of the universe out of the reach of observations with ground-based instruments ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum: 100-320 nm. Project is included in the federal space program for 2006-2015.

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