Omsk defense complex will receive investments

January 21 State Duma deputy Valery Trapeznikov met with Omsk machine builders. Communicate with the deputy arrived migrant leading enterprises of the Omsk defense: IN "Flight", FSUE "OMO name Baranova", JSC "Omsk Motor KB", OAO "Central Design Bureau of Automatics", As well as representatives of regional associations of industrialists and entrepreneurs, regional branch of Engineering Union, the Federation of Trade Unions of Omsk, the press service of the regional government.

During the meeting, participants discussed the development of the aviation industry and the work of the defense industry. Open and constructive conversation, according Trapeznikova, will help establish a strong inverse relationship with the employees, to develop the most effective approaches to modernize the aviation industry.

It was also once again pointed out that the software is "Flight" in the near future will be engaged in the production of rocket "Angara". In 2011, under an agreement with a group of companies, "Roskosmos" the company received one billion rubles on modernization. These tools have to master the production of parts for rockets "Proton" and "Roar".

Corporation "Tactical Missiles" has approved in the past year based on the concept of Omsk of "Central Design Bureau of Automatics" industrial technological complex for the development and production of modern microwave electronics for military and civilian purposes. Investment in the project must be 450 million.

"Large-scale modernization takes place at the company name Baranova, IN" Irtysh "ONIIP. Is experiencing a rebirth "Omsktransmash." Like to see the rate at which collected today Omsk defense companies, with the support of the regional government, only to build momentum ", — Summed up the chairman of the Regional Engineering Union Igor Shumakov.

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