Omsk drone set two records


Record set on a specially designed elektrolete PP-48, developed and manufactured in the Research Laboratory for small unmanned vehicles (NFI IBA) at the Omsk State Technical University.

Representative of the Russian Federation Air Sports September 12, 2013 recorded 2 records in the category of aircraft weighing up to 5 kg. First record for the duration of the flight was 5:00, 56 minutes and 28 seconds, the second — on the range on the closed route — 142 kilometers 400 meters. In addition, a record for the first time the unit has been applied electric propulsion system, designed specifically for small UAVs. This installation — one of the first developments not only in Siberia, but also in Russia, jointly established by the IBA Laboratory OmGTU and «Micropribor" (Omsk). It was established in the spring of this year, the summer has passed comprehensive development testing in the laboratory. 

In the near future UAV mounted on PP-45M for further flight tests. UAV designed to carry out aerial photography, video monitoring, real-time monitoring studies of changes in natural situations, forest fires, floods and other natural disasters, as well as the specific tasks of the Ministry of Defence. Also, it is an attempt to create a Russian equipment for small unmanned vehicles capable of operating in the Far North. The theme of the Arctic Research Laboratory in the small unmanned aircraft at Omsk State Technical University has been doing for several years.

Record elektrolet PP-48 will be one of the exhibits of the X International exhibition of high-tech weaponry and "VTTV — Omsk-2013", along with the existing models of aircraft: UAV — PP-45 (Artic Line), UAV — PP-45 m (Militari) and UAV — PP-45, which will be on display at the site 242 Airborne Training Center during the "VTTV — Omsk-2013" and carry live coverage of the event from the air.

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