Omsk engineers have developed a draft of a new generation of cargo airship

Omsk inventors have created an innovative system of regulation aerostatic lift airship. All in all an innovator — more than two hundred patents on the basis of which Russia may appear radically new form of transport.

Modern airplanes, cars, trains and ships are still far from perfect. Some require the construction of highways, others — rising in price of fuel, others can not be used as a vehicle all year round. Omsk engineers believe that they can become an alternative to blimps.

Popular in the beginning of the last century zeppelin, according to scientists, quite undeservedly forgotten.

— Modern vehicles are at the limit of their technical capabilities both in speed and capacity, and the reliability and environmental friendliness — says Professor Siberian Road Academy (SibADI) Vladimir Sirkin. — And on the energy costs of their application and do become unprofitable. At the same time, there is increasing need for an inexpensive, but meets all modern requirements of the vehicle. They may well be a blimp. Naturally, adapted to meet new requirements and applying high technologies.

Omsk engineers have developed a whole range of these devices and claim to be able to provide a comfortable and fast secure delivery of people, goods and cargo in the most inaccessible and remote areas of the world.

— Airships "SHA-100" and "SHA-200" able to carry a weight of about two and a half tons. The same number can carry the train, — the "RG" the director of the innovation center SibADI Vyacheslav Shalaev. — The cost of transportation, economists estimate is 16 cents per ton-kilometers. It’s about five or six rubles. In these times it is mere pennies.

— We have changed his cigar-shaped, making half as long. Have developed a new system of regulation of aerostatic lift and anti-freeze, — said Vyacheslav Shalaev. — The frame and the shell of the new airship ugleiplastika and made of modern materials. Hydrogen is replaced with an inert, non-combustible helium. Ballastless system, advanced propulsion, navigation devices, advanced missile technology to make this mode of transport is fundamentally different.

Modern Zeppelin able to make flights from Kaliningrad to the Far East at different heights, ranging from two thousand meters and ending twelve thousand. And to develop at the speed of 150 to 450 kilometers per hour. Moreover, in any weather, regardless of wind forces.

According to scientists, the safety of the structure is achieved by multi-compartment system of the aircraft. In the event of failure of one or more engines, the airship goes into a drift, and engineers can safely repair or replace the "haywire" the motor. Scientists believe that the new mode of transportation deserves to not only compete with traditional transport, but also to become a separate branch of the domestic engineering industry.

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