Omsk Metro: a new stage of construction

The first train of the Omsk Metro will be launched November 7, 2015 — this statement was made governor of the Omsk region Leonid lie on the launching ceremony of the complex tunnel boring Lovat, held last Friday at the construction site of the station "Crystal".

By the end of 2012 TPK Lovat «pass" a mile to the station "Nina." You will then be deployed, and pave the 673 meters of the left side of the tunnels in the "Crystal" to the ventilation chamber where will dock with the previously constructed 888-meter tunnel.

Besides the construction of haul "Crystal" — "Nina", among the main tasks of the year — the construction of the underground pedestrian crossing, combined with the outputs of the station, "Pushkin Library", in the city center, clearance by utilities and communications. The progress of the work here is more than 90%.

All five stations of the first portion of the first starting line — "The Cathedral", "crystal", "Nina" and "Biblioteca. AS Pushkin "and" Prospectus Rokossovskogo "is scheduled to be completed by the 300th anniversary of Omsk, which will be celebrated in 2016.

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