Omsk molochngo milk factory Manros-M under the control of a cow to the counter

Buying a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk, everyone wants to be sure that this is the natural bread and milk, and, moreover, of high quality. But how to be sure? Is it possible to trace the product from the field or farm to fork? It turns out — yes. Omsk dairy plant "Manros-M", releasing all your favorite milk "To your health" and "House in the Country", implemented a system of quality control and product safety standard ISO 22000 (ISO 22000).

Today, a certificate for the system would mean — at every stage of production is very tight control over the quality and safety. In Omsk made so popular brands of products, "To your health" and "Little House in the village."

The point of this system, experts say, is that the whole chain of production, literally from cows and up to the counter, defined milestones — the stages of the manufacturing process with the potential for something to happen. And these points are checked more than once on the times and constantly.
"When you buy milk at the store, it is important you be sure — it is in that bottle that you took from the shelf, the product is natural, safe and of high quality", — says Natalya Zhdaneeva, head of quality control "Manros-M". — Here is the system of food safety standard ISO 22000 just for this purpose and is implemented to ensure each unit of product. "

"Milk — live product for which you need to constantly monitor and strictly comply with the standards," — according to Natalia Gavrilova, a professor at the department of food products Technology of Milk, Vice-Rector of the Omsk State Agrarian University. In this case, Natalia sure it while maintaining freshness natural milk — "an indispensable product, an invaluable source of calcium, vitamins and other biologically useful substances."

The plant’s management believes that the system of quality and safety to the "Manros" is necessary. The main purpose of the huge factory ("Manros" — one of the largest enterprises in the Urals) — save in dairy products fresh natural milk without the addition of preservatives and harsh treatment. On the "Manros" this is achieved at the expense of hygiene, modern packaging technology, automated and fully "closed" production — milk factory is not in contact with either air or a person. After all, the only way to convey to the consumer is familiar with childhood taste of village milk.

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