Omsk of high technology production equipment upgrades

  • Installation for induction brazing Parallel IP
  • Installation for induction brazing Parallel IP

Of "High Technology" (formerly Omsk Assembly Plant) within the program of modernization and technical re-equipment replaced the outdated equipment with modern. To replace the lamp high to set the type of ICH NGO "Parallel" was commissioned by the latest setting for induction brazing Russian-made PARALLEL FE-63-22, 0/66, 0, of which generator is made on IGBT-modules and has a very high efficiency, requires no hazardous for the life of a high-voltage anode supply chain due to the lack of intensity, instantly ready to use and compact — it 700h400h1460mm dimensions, weight 120kg. Unit is equipped with a digital timer to set the heating time and is controlled by a foot pedal. The kit also includes the installation:

  • Table plumber-indestructible,
  • device to connect to the shop ventilation system.

Installation allows you to adjust the heating power of units kilowatts to 63 kW and can be used for both soldering carbide tools, and for different types of heat treatment of HD.


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