Omsk Plant of Metal performs a unique order for the station Olympic Park in Sochi

The plant metal NGO "Mostovik" successfully completed the test assembly of the first frame construction of the roof of the main station building and the adjacent canopy platform. Platform and station building the Olympic Park will have a single roof covering an area of about 35 thousand square meters. For the construction of the roof frame specialists MKP NGO "Mostovik" will make unique tubular metal with a total weight exceeds 4500 tons.

The structure is made of tubes of different diameters and usually greater thicknesses. Manual and error-free to connect at certain angles details such person is almost impossible. Therefore, it was decided to purchase specialized equipment — a complex spatial cutting, robotic system for cutting and welding of pipes.

Total five sheds to be manufactured, each individual in the performance. According to the schedule all the designs will be shipped before the end of July this year. 

The work of the plant is carried out in a single computer network — the use of modern equipment and fully automated production ensure high precision manufacturing of metal structures of any complexity. For the manufacture of parts used 3D-modeling technology, all equipment, including machinery for cutting, milling, drilling, equipped with the software.


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