Omsk plant revives production of engines for the Tu-160


DHBs, September 5 — RIA Novosti, Andrei Lebedev. Omsk Motor Association named Baranov (part of the State Research and Production Center Gas Turbine "Salute") revives the issue of out of production in 1994, parts of engines NK-32 supersonic strategic bomber aircraft TU-160, said Monday the regional government.

"In the Siberian company will collect a number of responsible units. OMO name Baranova has signed a preliminary agreement with the relevant parent company of the project of "Smiths" — Samara aircraft engine plant, "- said in a statement.

According to the regional government, the first NC-32 will be collected in 2013. By the year 2020 will be released a few dozen of these engines.

The Tu-160 — multimode strategic bomber, bomber, designed to strike enemy targets with low and high altitudes. By design, it is a cantilever monoplane with a variable geometry wing. Is the largest in the history of military aviation supersonic aircraft and the aircraft with variable geometry wings, the most powerful and heavy combat aircraft in the world, has the largest among the bombers maximum take-off weight and combat load. As a part of the Russian Air Force currently has 16 Tu-160.

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