Omsk plant will show the exhibition VTTV-2011» LED street lights


Omsk Production Association "Electrotochpribor" will demonstrate "VTTV-Omsk-2011" developed jointly with JSC "OptoGaN" LED street lights of the new generation, which consume 75% less energy than conventional, told RIA Novosti on Monday head of the design bureau of the company Anton Borodin.

"The development, which is currently being tested on the bench — is the lamp of increased power. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps it for the same light output that the 500-watt bulb, consumes only 120 watts, "- He said.

Chief designer declined to specify the cost of the lamp, saying that the key competitive advantage for the product will be in reliability, which will be responsible for the chip, developed at the plant. Borodin also noted that in order to accommodate the lamp for street lighting conditions, the designers have developed a special lens which distributes the light across the target area.

According to Borodin, the work in the design office is located a few joint with "Optogan" projects — the company develops explosion-proof lights for areas with a high content of gases.

The plant "Electrotochpribor" was evacuated to Omsk during the Great Patriotic War in Kiev. Main products — LED lights, gauges and detonators for shells. Devices used at power stations (including nuclear power plants), the coal, oil and gas, metals, food and light industry, railway and urban electric. Last year, the company produced products worth 46 million rubles (growth rate of 136%).

In 2010 JSC "PO" Electrotochpribor "and ZAO" OptoGaN "signed an agreement on strategic partnership in the area of problem solving energy efficiency and conservation, including the development of joint pilot projects.

GC "OptoGaN" develops and produces super-bright LED-based heterostructures, as well as lighting equipment based on them. In 2009, in order to create their own production in Russia brightness LEDs were reported JSC "OptoGaN." Investors in the project are the state-owned corporation "RUSNANO" (now JSC "RUSNANO"), the group "Onexim" and of "RIC".

The opening of the first production line of the largest East European plant for the production of LEDs, owned GC "OptoGaN" was held on November 29 in St. Petersburg. Capacity of the first line will be 360 million LEDs per year.

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