Omsk Progress — the territory of innovations

FSUE "SPE" Progress "(Omsk) noted the 55th anniversary of. The company history started May 13, 1957, when the Minister of Chemical Industry of the USSR signed a decree on the organization of the Research Institute of the tire industry in the city of Omsk.

Today in workshops and laboratories of "Progress" has more than 500 professionals — scientists, engineers and workers.

Through the use of original designs developed by the Institute of special purpose, dual-use technologies, methods of calculation now created and produced more than a thousand different rubber and rubber products for the needs of various industries.

On the "progress" pay special attention to modernization of the enterprise: acquired modern equipment, and new technologies are developed original methods of calculation.

A unique combination of complete production cycle allows you to quickly and effectively implement innovations that will positively impact on the quality of the finished product and expands the scope of its application. 

Scientific and technological developments of the Institute are made at the level of the best world standards, they are protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

Particularly noteworthy works on equipment damping elements of the tank farm of the petrochemical complex in Russia. One of the latest innovations — acoustic insulating coating applied widely, absorbing various noises.

In a newly built underground in Omsk, as in the Moscow subway, seals are used for tubing, made by FSUE Omsk "SPE" Progress ".

At the company created comfortable conditions for work and rest of employees end repair in the main laboratory building, essentially transformed a conference room for meetings, meetings of the Scientific and Technical Council and the Assembly Hall Company, renovated dining room, on the stage of reconstruction of the sports hall.

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