Omsk region are production of building materials rose by 35.7%

 Ceramic brick production Omsk

According Omskstata, in 2011, the largest increase in production of selected industrial products, over 60% achieved in the production of reinforced concrete structures. Release of ceramic bricks and tiles has increased by 16%. Significantly increased the production of asphalt concrete and mortars. The index of industrial production growth in the construction industry was 35.7% compared with 2010. As reported by the regional Ministry of Construction, the increase in production of building materials due to the intensive development of rural housing, the implementation of programs for the repair of roads, landscaping, repairs of housing stock. In accordance with the regional development program of the construction industry, in 2011, there was 10 new plants and production lines, half of which — in the municipal areas. The stated goal of the governor of the Omsk progressive development of rural housing requires new approaches in the construction industry — building a modern industrial base in the field of innovative technologies and equipment. In 2011, in the Omsk region commissioned 841.4 thousand square meters. meters of housing, of which more than 450.3 thousand square meters. meters — in rural areas. Overall growth in housing compared to 2010 was more than 19% in rural areas — 26.3%. In 2012, the volume of rural housing will increase by one third. In the districts of the Omsk region will be commissioned no less than 600 thousand square meters. meters of housing per year, the press service of the government of Omsk region.

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