Omsk Region: Resident Business Incubator won in the All-Russian competitions


At the All-Russian competition of student knowledge-based innovation projects "Technovation Cup" organized by MIPT for the seventh time, it is about three hundred projects. Of the ten finalists decided on three winners, which included resident company SI "Omsk Regional Business Incubator" — NPK "Industrial geodetic systems" with the project "Ground infrastructure GLONASS / GPS for precise positioning".
As director of the Omsk Sergei Sorokin, it was quite insulting to be the third and concede, for example, the project Interactive Monitor, which forms an image in the air (1st place). By the way, perhaps NPK "GCI" will bring him back to Omsk.
"Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology — is a world-class institution, its alumni include Nobel laureates. Our project was praised", — Said Sorokin.
The second victory of NPK "IHS" — Omsk project entered the top ten at the IV Innovation and Industrial Forum "technological breakthrough. The mechanisms of formation of a national innovation system ", which took place on November 14 in Moscow. Organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and the Russian Association of innovative development with the support of the Presidential Administration.
"We are pleased that the project is highly appreciated from all sides — and according to the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, and according to the scientific community", — Says Sergey Sorokin. According to him, the company, these competitions are very important as they will help to bring the project to the regional level to the federal.
NPK "GCI" currently does not stop there, and fights for the finals Zworykin Award, RIA Omsk-Inform.

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