Omsk rubber goes on green technology

The company develops production of new products and continuing to upgrade production. At the meeting of the technical council of "Titan" was decided on the issue in the near future the first experimental batch of rubbers using beskantserogennogo oil. As noted by the regional Ministry of Industry, is currently in the production of oil-filled type of rubber used oil PN-6. "A positive difference between the new oil is that it fully meets the requirements of EU environmental security," — added in the press service of the department. In addition, as part of the modernization of the plant "Omsk rubber", included in the petrochemical cluster project PARK, turning to the production of new products, based on the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials: WFI, high-octane components for fuel. Also, the company recently renovated tower will start processing butane fractions. Next week will begin comprehensive modernization of the existing column unit in one of the shops of the production of organic synthesis. In the second quarter of this year, plans to introduce a second system FAN-93 and reconstruct the water tower in the shops.

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