Omsk rubber produced the first green party rubbers

May 16 off the assembly line production of rubber and latex came off the first batch of rubber pellets, produced using beskantserogennogo oil.

The positive difference between the new oil is that it fully meets the requirements of EU environmental safety. High carbon levels in the nuclei of aromatic compounds constituting the oil provides a good grip of the tires, made of rubber, with its use with a wet asphalt such tires when braking not form harmful substances.

Laboratory testing of the product successfully passed in February, industrial-experimental batch of a total of more than 40 tons of rubber will go on trial several Russian consumers. In the future, the updated product will be offered and foreign companies.

The transition to "green" technology — one of the basic principles of project "PARK: Industrial and Agricultural Regional Clusters".

The modernization of the plant "Omsk rubber", which belongs to the petrochemical complex of the park, carried out a series of activities aimed at improving the environmental component of the production process.

So, in April completed a full translation technology for production of phenol system FAN, which reduces the amount resulting from the manufacturing process of phenolic resins to third. Now phenolic shop in the midst of the installation waste gas cleaning system, which will be completed by the summer.


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