Omsk rubber started production of the first commercial batch of this year’s green rubber

The plant "Omsk rubber" members of the Group of Companies "Titan" started producing the first commercial batch of this year’s "green" rubbers.

The lot size is 600 tons. The main customers of the tire manufacturers will Russia and Belarus.

"Green" rubber tire provides good grip in the wet asphalt. Furthermore, when braking is not form harmful substances. Subject to the requirements of each customer Omsk plant can produce rubber for individual recipe specification. 

Rubber of this type characterized by the presence in the purified oil. It is used for the manufacture of latex and an antioxidant that helps to extend shelf life of up to one year. The principal difference was the presence of a new brand in its structure refined oil produced in Russia.

Pilot batch of "green" rubber came off the assembly line in May 2012 in the amount of more than 40 tons.

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