Omsk station for the underground connection tested in the caves of the Czech Republic

July 21-28 in Brno (Czech Republic) on 16 International Speleological Congress, which brought together about 2 thousand participants, among them scientists, researchers and rescuers.

Omsk innovative company "KV-COMMUNICATION" presented at the congress of Russia’s latest development — a compact handheld radios for underground communication «FERRA», which links the caves and mines through the rock that was previously unattainable.

The development of Omsk has caused serious concern, and during the congress of the International Union of Speleologists organized a special testing station «FERRA» in the Moravian caves. Based on the results of three tests, scientists have stated that at all points of the cave Omsk radios provide communication c ground.

For the efficient development of scientific leadership of the Congress and the UIC Russian scientists awarded a special diploma "Discovery of the 21st century."

The "HF-LINK" has been created with the support of the government to promote the development of small enterprises in the science and technology program START. In the Omsk region radiophysicists scientists also supported the regional government.

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