Omsk UAV tested in cold weather

At the airport Vatulino (Ruza district, Moscow region) were flight tested a commercially available Omsk Production Association "Radiozavod them. AS Popova "unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft type" K-2 ".

With sub-zero temperatures UAVs "K-2" has successfully completed a given flight program. UAV control carried out a comprehensive hardware production OmPA "Radiozavod them. AS Popov. "

UAVs "K-2" is designed for aerial photography, day and night video monitoring in real-time monitor the state of pipelines, power lines, highways, forest fire detection, monitoring disaster areas. The main characteristics of the K-2 take-off weight — 50 kg, wingspan — 3.7 m, the average flight time — 5 hours, cruising speed — 120 km / h, altitude — 3000 m

The complex control of UAVs designed for transportation, power supply, start-up and management of unmanned aircraft during all phases of flight. The complex consists of a control UAV ground control station and launch pad. The ground control station is placed on the chassis of KAMAZ.

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