Omsktehuglerod opened a logistics center in Germany

Ltd. "Omsktehuglerod» (Omsk Carbon Group) as part of creating your own science and technology center in Europe, has opened a logistics center in Germany. The strategic objective of the project — the development of marketing infrastructure and the creation of full-fledged representation Omsk Carbon Group in Europe. At the same time in the warehouse, with a total area of more than three thousand square meters. meters, it will be possible to store up to 2,000 tons, and the volume of sales of products per month amount to 6,000 tons. Our own laboratory will conduct on-site monitoring product parameters.

Ltd. "Omsktehuglerod" — The largest producer of carbon black in Russia and the CIS countries, combining modern high-tech enterprises. Among the top ten world producers of carbon black. Proper facilities are located in Omsk and Volgograd, their production capacity reaches 315,000 tons per year. The product range includes more than 15 brands of carbon black. In the structure of the export sales of the company amounts to 69.3%.

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