Omutninsk became the city labor glory!

Today, Governor of NY WHITE took part in the celebrations of the 240 th anniversary of Omutninsk and the main enterprise — Metallurgical Plant (JSC "Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant").

Before the start of the festive meeting of the region and led to attendees were shown a film that reveals the history of formation Omutninskoye — one of the plant. His team, from the first dynasties Omutninskoye metallurgists, repeatedly overcame difficult times and successfully moving forward. Unprecedented heroism of labor was marked by a difficult period of life of the enterprise — the Great Patriotic War.

During the first months of the war in the army was intended to nearly 1,200 plant workers. To the open-hearth furnaces and rolling mills rose youth and even women. For exemplary performance of military orders staff of the factory during the war years was awarded to 26 all-union awards several times — challenge Red Banner of People’s Commissariat of the steel industry.

Patriotizm factory workers clearly manifested in the movement for the creation of the Foundation of Defense, to raise funds for the Red Army, sent to the front in warm clothes, help other areas of the country affected by war. Hundreds of thousands of rubles were collected by columns of tanks and a squadron of aircraft.

In August 1941, the first train arrived Omutninsk the wounded. Base hospital number 3477 located in seven buildings scattered over two and a half kilometers — in the Palace of Culture of Metallurgists, Teachers College, high school number 1 and elsewhere. In December 1941, the city formed another hospital — Kharkov — on the basis of a second high school, auto club, nursing.

Since the beginning of July 1941 began to arrive in Omutninsk women and children of Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskov. Evacuated women and young metallurgists tried to get a job, to provide food cards. For orphaned kids organized two orphanages, helped in providing these institutions with food.

The post-war years to Omutninsky smelter were a logical continuation of the labor achievements. In difficult conditions return to a peaceful course of production continued launched in harsh wartime reconstruction. OMZ in 1946, is the largest industrial enterprise subordinate to the Union area.

The drum work during World War II and the postwar period 475 factory workers were awarded orders and medals. Exactly 40 years ago the plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Opening the solemn meeting in the Palace of Culture Omutninsk, CEO of OMZ AD Hairs noted that the current generation of metallurgists have the unique opportunity to modernize the company. In the next 12-15 years, said Alexander Zhukov, planned to complete the reconstruction of the plant. Currently, there is a serious commissioning the mill, whose products will be designed for automotive.

For the sustainable development of enterprises need to solve two major problems — market expansion and training of qualified personnel. In particular, in the near future to increase the share of exports to 30% (currently it is 5.3%), and increase the volume of sales on the domestic market. The plans of the company — a certificate for the supply of products to the world’s leading automotive companies.

On the issue of training, then, according to AD Hairs, later this year will begin recruiting students in Omutninsky Polytechnic College, which was established with the support of the Regional Government and the district administration. Also Omutninsk will open a branch VyatSU, which will be trained in the specialties required for the plant.

The Governor of NY White congratulated the residents and workers of the steel plant Omutninsky from residents of the entire region, kirovchan and myself.

— Your city can be proud of its glorious history of ancient industrial and cultural center, which has grown and developed along with the steel mill. The entire 240-year history of the formation and development of the company is full of vivid events, feats of labor, industrial successes — said Nikita Y..

He noted, in the city’s history forever inscribed the names of fellow countrymen — the defenders of the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War, the glorious home front, metallurgists, selflessly approaching victory, and after it — raised the country tireless work.

Addressing the gathering, the Governor said: "You are rightly proud of their oldest metallurgical enterprise, feel a sense of belonging to his stories. And today, strengthening the industry, small business and private entrepreneurship, you carefully preserve and continue the good tradition of predecessors, their work makes a significant contribution to strengthening the capacity of our region.

I am glad that you improve the system of territorial self-government, do landscaping of streets and courtyards, pay more attention to culture and sport. The city built a fitness center, landscaped promenade, and recently won a grant to Omutninsk landscaping of the park of the Palace of Culture. "

— Thank you for your self, for the high level of social responsibility to the countrymen! Good health, success in business, happiness! And your home town and the plant — the welfare and prosperity! — Nikita Yu said.

The governor also said that, in the 240-day anniversary Omutninskoye and the main enterprise — Steel Works — signed a decree conferring Omutninskoye the honorary title of "City of Labour Glory". Nikita Belykh handed the flag — a symbol of awarding the title — head of the city SG Balandin.

In connection with the professional holiday — Day of Metallurgist — head of the region presented state awards, honorary badges "For Services to the Kirov region", diplomas and letters of thanks to the Government of a group of workers Omutninsky smelter.

  • Press center of the Government of the Kirov region

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