OMZ put oil refining equipment for refineries Novokuibyshev

United Heavy Machinery (OMZ) on the results of the tender signed a contract for the supply of equipment for the oil refinery of "Novokuibyshev refinery", included in the structure of OAO NK "Rosneft".

The contract Izhorskie plants, part of OMZ Group, produce heavy reactor equipment for combined plant under construction at Novokuibyshev refinery hydrocracking complex. Reactor vessels are made of forged shells with internal cladding corrosion. Basic material — Steel SA-336Gr.F22V. Surfacing will be made of steel 347SS.

The reactors will be made as soon as possible and delivered to the construction site no later than September 2013, which will provide start-up of the Government of the Russian Federation in certain period of time (until the end of 2014)

The composition of manufactured equipment includes vacuum gas oil hydrocracking reactor R-101 weighing 744 tons and a height of 44.9 meters; reactor 1st stage hydrocracking R-102 weighing 664 tons and a height of 39.5 meters; reactor 2nd stage hydrocracking R- 103 547 tons of weight and height of 27.6 meters and a hydrotreating reactor R-201 805 tons of weight and height 29.3 m. All reactors will be made complete with internals.

Developer and licensor of the base of the project is Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG) — one of the world’s largest energy companies.

United Heavy Machinery (OMZ) — one of the leading heavy industry companies specializing in engineering, manufacturing, sales and service support of equipment for nuclear, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as special steel production and industrial services. OMZ Group’s facilities are located in Russia and Czech Republic. Group is controlled by Gazprombank (Open Joint Stock Company).

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