OMZ-Special Steels develops hollow ingot casting technology

The company "OMZ Special Steels", part of OMZ Group, first successfully cast hollow ingot weighing 87 tons of steel St. 3.

Hollow ingot is forging ingot large cross-section with a through axial bore formed during ingot casting. Such a shape of an ingot obtained through the installation of the mold before casting the metal rod with the special design of the cooling gas inside thereof. This technology allows you to create a directional solidification of metal ingots from outside and from within, from the axial channel. Pouring into a mold made of metal siphon method.

Hollow forging ingots used to produce forgings axial channel type rings and have a number of advantages compared with conventional ingot geometry metal ingot obtained by this technology, a more chemically uniform accelerated by directional solidification.

Article 3 The steel grade for casting ingot was smelted in an electric arc furnace DSP-120 with subsequent secondary treatment and evacuation to the ladle furnace. After crystallization ingot entered the blacksmith shop for forging shell.

The success of the first hollow ingot casting allows OMZ Special Steels to begin development of casting technology of hollow ingots greater mass, which is innovative for the Russian metallurgical enterprises.

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