OMZ will deliver Kuzbassrazrezugol 23 excavator

OMZ will deliver to the address of the Criminal Code "KRU" 23 mining excavator updated model range produced by "IZ-KARTEKS", including 12 EKG-18R with a bucket capacity of 18 cubic meters, 8 EKG-32P with a bucket capacity of 32 cubic meters. m (The most powerful excavator of the "direct mechanical shovel," ever made in the Soviet Union and Russia) and two EKG-50 with a bucket capacity of 50 cubic meters An agreement on this is contained in a signed OMZ and MC "KRU" long-term program of cooperation for 2010-2015. Excavators will be supplied under a financial lease (leasing) with the participation of authorized company for the implementation of leasing projects Gazprombank — JSC "Gazprombank Leasing".

The signing of a cooperation program — a new stage of long-term mutually beneficial relationships between businesses OMZ (productive assets "Gazprombank") and mining companies OOO "UMMC-Holding".

Recall that in 2008 between JSC "MC" KRU "Ltd. and" IZ-KARTEKS "signed an agreement according to which JSC" MC "KRU" acts as the base businesses to test new technologies produced by "IZ-KARTEKS" (t . ie new models of excavators are pilot testing on sections of the coal company). Under this agreement, Taldinsky on coal mine was set a new model EKG-1500R with bucket capacity 18 cubic meters. Excavator with a bucket capacity was manufactured in Russia for the first time. Pilot tests EKG-1500R began in January 2009. In May 2009, the car received a commercial operation. During the time of the excavator reached the maximum capacity of 480 million cubic meters of rock per month.

At the end of 2009 between the two companies "IZ-KARTEKS" and JSC "MC" KRU "signed a contract for the delivery of two EKG-18R and one EKG-32P. These machines will be delivered to the customer in early 2011, also under a finance lease, provided JSC "Gazprombank Leasing".

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