On a small sensation domestic aviation industry


Dear readers, let’s try to overcome, according to Anatoly Wasserman, "faith in the commercialization of the positive." The site TsAGI (Central hydrodynamic Institute) was almost sensational news about purging new model of domestic wide-body aircraft.

This event can be, of course, to comment on the effect that, they say, "how can modelki show when something new is actually appear? Just talk … "Frankly, I do not at last year’s MAKS attaches great importance to the presentation of the project" Frigate Ekodzhet "represented by FIG" Rosaviaconsortium. " Indeed, the revolutionary aerodynamics and rather vague statement of the "extensive work" more like intentions and dreams, than a real project, which forced him to take skeptical about the prospects. Meanwhile — it turned out that the project becomes real. Blowing out the model in TsAGI — this is not a presentation and beautiful pictures. According to the developer, calculations of structural and power circuit and the calculation of the strength of the airframe of the aircraft structure completed.

Thus, the original purpose of creating "Rosaviaconsortium", was the promotion of the Russian market of domestic aircraft in the first place — the family of the Tu-204 airliners. Among the projects of adaptation for the Tu-204 cargo (Tu-204-100C) and the creation of a shortened version of the liner (TU-204-300). The company is also engaged in the development of global electronic resource allocation system availability and booking tickets for domestic air carriers.

It is easy to see that the promotion of Tu-204 even for domestic carriers, to put it mildly, is not smooth. First of all, the cause is used Western cars flooded the domestic airlines since the early 90’s and not allowed to start production of a large series of his car. From this reason logically from the consequences that have not brought to recover the position of the aircraft, even now. The lack of mass production at the Kazan and Ulyanovsk aircraft factory can not reduce the price of the final price of the aircraft. A small series of the same makes the creation of high-quality after-sales service unprofitable. That’s not eager to buy airline plane. Even Iran’s civil aviation who sought before purchasing aircraft in Russia interested in our cooperation in other areas — has decommissioned all aircraft of the "TU". Perhaps the real reasons lie in the failure of the sale of air defense systems. However, the Iranians found to justify such a decision — a statement of Dmitry Medvedev about the low quality of the Tu-214. Only purchases for the Air Force and the Presidential Squadron does not allow production of the aircraft finally bury.

A project which will soon celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, continues to age. Soon it will be competitive not only used Western cars, but new. West aviation industry is on the way to further improve the efficiency of airplanes, trying to reduce the cost of operation, which in the long run, the ticket price will lower. Mostly this is achieved the creation of new, more fuel-efficient engines, allowing significant fuel savings (accounting for a large part of the cost of transportation). Airframe latest machines facilitated by the use of composite materials, which also allows you to save fuel. Another way is to increase the capacity — more than the number of passengers, allocates the cost of flying to more tickets. The pinnacle of this approach became a European giant, three-deck A-380, accommodating up to 853 passengers. New fuel-efficient aircraft will appear in all segments. This can make the products as aircraft manufacturers, who could not make the cost of their transport aircraft a low — no one needs.

It turned out that it is understood and appreciated by the company, designed to provide lobbying firm Tupolev products from domestic carriers. Continue to try to breathe life into a beautiful, but not a new car to infinity is impossible. So that was the prospect of the aviation industry to remain at the forefront of the future — we need a new project, and, quite revolutionary to adequately look into the future (given the short period of implementation of such projects). It was necessary to make a car that will not become yesterday at the design stage, and will be much better than the previous, as the Western competitors strive to improve the performance of their products significantly.

The new mid-range car (with a range of 4,500 km.) Has a wide fuselage cross-elliptical cross section, except that the increase in seat capacity, gives the lifting properties of the fuselage itself (as opposed to the same A-380, where a vertically elliptical cross-section makes the interior more, but does not allow "to rely on the air"). On passenger (350-400 seats in economy version) plane will be equal to the Soviet IL-86, while take-off weight will be much less (the developers say that the machine must weigh less than 80 tons), and the engine will be two instead of four as IL-86. Attention is drawn to a small area and high relative thickness of the wing and the horizontal stabilizer, which, according to the developer, is integral to the fuselage. While nothing is known about the engines, talk about the performance efficiency of aircraft early. But the revolutionary design and aerodynamic solutions allow us to say that this figure should be significantly better than that of traditional construction machinery.

That’s right, without broad public attention and media, was a small sensation domestic aviation industry.

What is it for me — and I would like to make it for you? This is — a real chance for our aviation industry to return to the design and construction of large civil aircraft, which today seem to believe that their exclusive competence of Boeing and Airbus. They divided the market confidently haul and medium-haul passenger aircraft, leaving competitors to fight for a niche light vehicles. Sooner or later they will challenge the Chinese aviation industry, which is now confident of catching a giant gap between Western companies. I must say that this gap is overcome due to the government policy of high-tech industries. No other country, hoping to compete with Western giants without reliance on government incentives and direct government support, will not be able to achieve anything — too unequal starting positions.

Meanwhile, it is we have a potential reserve in order to regain our leadership position in the aviation industry. Thanks to government programs launched the first major series of short-haul SSJ, is implementing a program of medium MS-21, is working on combat and transport aircraft. It is hoped that projects of large passenger aircraft will be developed, despite the cries of "nerentabilnosti", "drank" and "low quality" in the domestic aviation industry.

We have a simple alternative — or fly on his own, or buy someone else’s. In my humble opinion, the choice should be unambiguous.

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