On agrofirm October (Mordovia) opened a new elevator

Due to the expansion of production at the poultry farm "October" was necessary to the construction of granaries. The new silo used to store grain to be used in feeding chickens, cattle and pigs raised for the enterprise. Its production capacity is more than 60,000 tons. To date storage is filled by 35%.

Only in the last 4 years at their own expense the company has built a workshop for slaughter and deep processing of poultry meat, two grain drying complex, warehouses for storage of grain and ingredients in capacity of 50 tons, the new plant for the production of sausages and deli, and a modern preparation center animal houses.

At the poultry farm are being actively implemented energy-saving technology. One of the main components of sustainable growth agro — multidisciplinary work of all branches of production, processing and sales. This allows the chicken farm "October" to compete with the leading Russian companies.

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