On April 15, Parkon will catch violators of parking regulations in the capital


Starting from April 15, motorists who violate the rules of stopping and parking will be receiving in the mail fines for similar violations. "Chain letters," as they have dubbed the people, car owners will be sent automatically, as is currently the case, in particular, for violations of the speed limit.

To date, in accordance with the Administrative Code, the penalty for violation of parking regulations is 300 rubles, but on 1 July 2012 it increased to three thousand, which should encourage drivers to comply with parking regulations and parking of vehicles.



Recall that the vehicles equipped with a unique set of matches for violators of parking regulations of the Center of traffic of the Government of Moscow, began to track compliance with the parking regulations using the latest mobile complexes commit violations of rules for stopping and parking of vehicles since December 1, 2011.

"Parkon" — a ten cars "Ford Focus" that collect information on violations in fully automatic mode while driving on developed routes. The equipment automatically and record video in the area of the prohibitory sign on the device listed in the pre-GPS-coordinates.

"Parkon" is equipped with two cameras: one removes the plans for the location vehicles, the second — only fixes the number of machines. At the end of the raid collected "Parkon" information are sent to the automated fixing of administrative offenses (TSAFAP), where the video sequence of still images are generated with avtonarushitelyami. The data is then sent to the traffic police, which also automatically drawn to the provisions contained photographs of the overall plan and car number, GPS-coordinates of the traffic violations, as well as commit time of the offense. To correct, delete or illegally decrypt the data from the device, it is impossible.

Machines will run on the most problematic routes recommended by the Traffic Police Directorate of the MOI of Russia in Moscow and an elaborated by experts TSODD Moscow Government. On the recommendation of the traffic police have already compiled a list of 65 routes. While such emergency vehicles only work in the city center, but in the future raids "Parkon" will cover the entire capital.

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