On Ashalchinskoye expected to produce 100 thousand tons of heavy oil

On Ashalchinskoye JSC "Tatneft" from the beginning of development produced 94,000 tons of extra-viscous oil (EVO), until the end of 2011 is expected to produce more than 100 tons of SRI. Currently, 9 pairs of wells have been drilled, of which 7 were put into operation.
Photo source:tatneft.ru

Pilot plant operation Ashalchinskoye is from 2006, when it used the modified steam assisted gravity technology dvuhustevye exposure through horizontal wells.

Feature of the development of deposits of extra-heavy oil is a need to develop and steam injection into the reservoir. For the further development of the field and increase oil SVN experts NGDU "Nurlatneft" are building a boiler output of 50 tons of steam per hour. Today the works for installation of process equipment and piping, complete vertical layout territory of boiler, is being installed above-ground parts of the supply pipeline to it.

To the rational exploitation of deposits in wells new technologies were introduced to limit the sand and to control the distribution of steam in the wellbore.

In order to control the downhole pressure and temperature in the "Tatneft" using coiled tubing technology and fiber optic cables.

Prevention of salt deposits in pipelines and tanks due to the mixing of waste water and heavy oil carboxylic solved with the help of technology and injection of water in the reservoir pressure maintenance system.

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