On Aviastar has opened a new training center

August 15 in the "Aviastar-SP" inaugurated the modern center of learning and development of staff. The center will prepare workers for demand, as well as the narrow specialties for which training is not conducted in the region.

The total investment in the creation of the Development Center staff was about 7,000,000 rubles.     


The center has the right to basic training of workers in occupations fitter for manufacturing and finishing of parts of aircraft, pressman-vulkanizatorschik, caster plastics, garbage-riveter, Fitter aircraft mechanic mechanical works, the collector of products made of fiberglass and plexiglass. The entire training program meets the professional requirements of the United Aircraft Corporation.

Currently, bandwidth Center — 100-150 students per month. Train employees to be teachers of educational institutions of the Ulyanovsk region.

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