On Baimaksky Casting-Mechanical Plant (Republic of Bashkortostan, Baimak) began construction of a new plant

 Photo source:radikal.ru

July 1 Baimaksky Foundry and Mechanical Plant (JSC "BLMZ") with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan — Head of the Government Ilshat Tazhitdinova and General Director of "BLMZ" Alexei Murahtina ceremony of laying the foundation of a new plant manganese steel. Parts of this material are in high demand in the world’s largest manufacturers of crushing and grinding equipment and the main customers of the plant. Will be diverse and range of products. This armor plating, lining, hammers, grates for cone and jaw crushers, grinding mills, and other products.

Total investments amount to 76 million rubles. As part of a comprehensive medium-term economic development of the Trans-Ural program to improve access to banking services and products on June 29, a meeting with representatives of the Bashkir Branch of Sberbank of Russia, which agreed to a loan of 50 million rubles for the construction of the shop.

Under the plan, the first 150 tons of production must be cast in June 2012. The design capacity of the shop — more than 170 tons of castings per month. It will create over 75 new jobs.

2010 turned out to OAO "BLMZ" very tense. Reduced orders decreased production volumes. Against this negative background, managed to keep working team, timely payment of wages. The plant develops and builds investment plans for the long term. Its experts have developed a business plan for the modernization of production until 2015. Formed a ten-year program of development.

Investment Course, implemented now, organically combined with the strategic priorities of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Modernization and increase production Baimaksky foundry-mechanical plant — one of the key events of the "industrial" in the Medium-Term comprehensive economic development program for 2011-2015 Trans-Urals.

Today the factory team is actively introducing new technologies, working to improve the quality of products, implementing an energy conservation program. The installation of the mechanized line for the production of molds and cores of cold-mix. This will significantly reduce the costs and the cost of production. Reduce the technological cycle of production of iron and steel castings.

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