On Boguchan plant impeller mounted hydraulic unit number 7

On Boguchan plant is an installation of hydroelectric power equipment number 7. By now completed the installation of one of the biggest components — the impeller, which is set in the crater of hydraulic unit. Full-scale installation work on the section of the aggregate number 7 deployed after the June 2012 a temporary end wall of the machine room has been moved from the conventional boundaries between aggregates number 6 and 7 on the number line between units 7 and 8.

The impellers are made of OJSC "Power Machines" for Boguchan plant — the largest on the weight and dimensions of manufactured in Russia in the last decade. The diameter of each of them is 7.86 meters, weight — 155.6 tons. Of their dimensions, these wheels are higher than those for hydroelectric units of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, which is part of JSC "RusHydro", and the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Under the terms of contracts signed in 2006 — 2007 years between "Power Machines" and the partners in the project of building the station — "RusHydro" and OK "Rusal", "Power Machines" designed and manufactured for Boguchan nine hydro turbines and nine hydro-rated capacity of 333 MW each. In addition, the "Power Machines" provide installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment supplied. Transport operation to deliver the impellers were completed in September 2011.

Moving the temporary end wall allows for installation work on the hydraulic unit number 7 regardless of weather conditions. During June and July of this section the machine hall was carried out of the ring hydraulic extension of the foundation; reopen bearing, guide vane assembly is carried pads, bushings and guide vane levers. In parallel to the mounting platform works on assembling the enlarged bloc — the turbine cover, thrust bearing and the control ring.

Installation work at the hydroelectric number 1 and 2 Boguchan plant completed, hydraulic units prepared to conduct individual commissioning tests. They will start after the set of the reservoir to the level of 179 m (in the Baltic system), now the water level is 169.99 m

Enter the first hydroelectric power plant will be carried out after reaching the mark 185 m Terms filling the reservoir before this point depends on many hydrological and meteorological conditions — the water consumption for higher Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station, the volume of lateral inflow, rainfall, air temperature, etc. .

Of hydroelectric number 3 and 4 completed the installation of major equipment, is currently being assembled auxiliary systems. Your machine number 5 completed the installation of the module generator switch and a modular control panel, is being installed oil cooler and block transformer. At the installation site computer room complete rotor assembly unit number 6, and on the unit is nearing completion stator assembly. Work has begun on the installation of auxiliary equipment of pipelines, fire fighting systems and measurement of operating parameters.

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