On Boguchan plant successfully tested the first hydraulic unit

On Boguchan plant successfully tested systems and equipment hydraulic number 2 at idle. 
"Idling — one of the normal modes without hydraulic power generation — is a prerequisite for comprehensive testing of the hydraulic unit after completion of the installation, repair and reconstruction. This launch is intended for testing and evaluation of mechanical and electrical parts of the hydraulic and control systems — explained to the press service of the Boguchanskaya HPP. — The tests showed that all systems and components of the unit operate in normal mode, the vibration does not exceed the permissible limits. "

Full program of individual tests on each unit consists of 19 points, the final of which is to enable the unit to the network for 72 hours. Based on the results of comprehensive tests will be decided on its readiness for commissioning.
The first hydroelectric power plant will be launched Boguchan when filling the reservoir to the level of 185 m, now the water level is 178 m currently in testing units are also ready to number 1 and number 3, on the other works are carried out.

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