On Cheboksary HPP completed large-scale reconstruction of two hydroelectric

The branch of JSC "RusHydro" — "Cheboksary HPP" after the completion of reconstruction and testing of hydraulic power units in operation with station numbers 15 and 16.

Large-scale work was carried out in accordance with the program of comprehensive modernization of JSC "RusHydro". The impeller hydraulic number 16 modernized in OAO "Power Machines" (St. Petersburg). Engineers factory rebuilt steering vanes of the impeller and turbine Kaplan regained its mode of operation.

Today, as part of a comprehensive modernization of the company RusHydro transferred to the Kaplan operation five turbines Cheboksary HPP. At present JSC "Power Machines" is the impeller number 4. Another six runners will be reconstructed by the manufacturer until the middle of 2016

A considerable amount of work on the reconstruction of impellers Cheboksary HPP performed by specialists of "Turboremont-IHC."

As part of the reconstruction of hydroelectric number 15 and 16 of the new system of excitation «UNITROL 6800" made electrical concern ABB (Switzerland). Replacement of obsolete equipment in Cheboksary HPP began in December 2011 with a number of hydraulic units 13 and 14, and it will be fully completed in 2015.

ABB was also concern supplier of new gas switch HECS-130R, which replaced the former, air. These modern devices that use a special insulator fitted with 10 Cheboksary hydroelectric power plant. Replacement of all air circuit breakers with sulfur hexafluoride to be completed by the beginning of 2016 Dismantling of old equipment and installing new performed by specialists of "Elektroremont-WCC."

The modernization also included the installation of a new microprocessor-based automatic control system. The equipment manufactured by JSC "Elara" (Cheboksary), now set for all 18 units Cheboksary HPP.

Specialists of "IvElektroNaladka" (Ivanovo), fit the unit microprocessor terminals for electrical protection and control switch generators produced SPE "screen" (Cheboksary).


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