On CHEMK learned to profit from waste

On Chelyabinsk Electric Factory to date technology is used, which allows the dust to produce a silicon additive for concrete. They are based on silica fume, which is deposited in the gas cleaning process. It is based on silicon recycle dust and its enrichment. Supplements of silica fume used in building construction, monolithic structures.

Electric Steel is now becoming more environmentally friendly. Earlier plant emissions were about 150 thousand tons, now combine virtually nothing throws: a total of about 20,000 tons. The bulk of the dust and disposed of in the form of the finished product is sold as an additive in concrete.

Under discussion is another cost-effective project. Now studied the issue of using technology in which hot gases generated during the cleaning process, would fall into the district heating system. The issue is complex, but the city will be a cost-beneficial.

Chelyabinsk Electric Factory — The largest producer of ferro-alloys in Russia, can fully meet the needs of the domestic steel industry.

The product range includes more than 120 types of ferro-alloys and master alloys, more than 40 items electrode production. Products shops and sites for waste management of the main production is widely used in the paint and rubber industry, highway, industrial and residential construction and agriculture.

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