On CherMK completed in the fall maintenance program, worth 3.7 billion rubles.

 Photo source:severstal.ru

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel plant in the world completed in the fall maintenance program worth 3.7 billion rubles.

During the renovation, which took place from September to November, at CherMK been updated for more than 40 industrial units. Repair Company "Severstal" — Open Company "Severstal-Promservice", JSC "Domnaremont", OOO "SSM-Tyazhmash" and "North-West Ogneupor" held overhauls the entire process chain.

To restore the design parameters and implementation of a number of investment activities were stopped a blast furnace number 5, steelmaking units — converters number 1 and number 2, number 1 heating furnace, continuous casting machine № 2, № 4, rolling mills 2000 and 5000, section mill — 150, aluminized unit and scrap processing equipment in the drop-hammer shop — shears’ NVO-340 "and shears" Akros ".

"The completion of work on the converter № 1, № 2 before the planned schedule allowed steelmakers to produce an additional order of 26 thousand tons of steel", — says Dmitry Kolesov, director of the Division for repairs "Severstal Russian Steel".

During the repair campaign has implemented a number of measures of investment to modernize equipment and improve product quality. For example, in October, completed the first phase of the project on the reconstruction of the second group winders winding section mill rolls-2000 sheet-rolling shop number 2. The general contractor for the reconstruction of a "Domnaremont." The project, worth 1.6 billion rubles., Realized in order to expand the range and volume of the strip production, including high strength categories.
Implementing the main purpose of repair work — restoration project parameters aggregates steelmaker — specialists repair companies have applied a number of new technical solutions.
Employees of Company "Severstal-Promservice" and JSC "Domnaremont" in the overhaul of the converter number 2 was first performed at the same time replace the top of the converter housing and replace the bearing.
Shorten the repairs and perform them with proper quality possible and modernization of equipment repair shops. So, upgraded milling machine, OOO "Severstal-Promservice" was used on the site of Kolpino in rolling plant number 3, where it was performed by opening the bottom of the milling machine beds quarto mill ahead of schedule more than a day.

"Improvement of milling technology to the full positive impact on the November repairs mill-2000, when the early managed to alternately perform milling machine beds two stands: № 8 and number 6", — said Vadim Germany, the general director of "Severstal-Promservice."

"SSM-Tyazhmash", an engineering company active in the autumn repair company provide all the major repairs necessary spare parts and components. In this case, the company’s specialists have learned new products, such as parts for the first time created the biggest overhaul of the press department of scissors copra CherMK.

"North-West Ogneupor" within overhauls producing refractory lining assemblies CherMK. First specialists of the enterprise carried lining converter number 2 in record time — 56 hours, instead of the usual 62’s. When reheating furnace repair LPC-3 used a new technology the refractory coating refractory concrete — kretirovaniya-shot method, which reduced the turnaround time of six.

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