On CherMK completed the installation of the heater housing number 1 domain

furnace number 5

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel mill in the world (part of the Division "Severstal Russian Steel"), completed the installation of the heater housing number one of Europe’s largest blast furnace number 5 ("SEVERYANKA").

Work on installation of the casing are made within the framework of reconstruction of the heater number 1, the total cost of about 777 million rubles.

The reconstruction project offers a complete dismantling of the old stove (with partial replacement of the foundation) and the construction of a new unit — the other structure, which, in particular, will reduce the amount of refractories for the heater, and in general the blast furnace will be more economical.

Since the active phase of reconstruction in October 2012, 75% of the work performed. Assembly of housing — the largest of them. The housing is mounted out of 25 steel belts, the total mass of 984 tons. It was manufactured by LLC "SSM-Tyazhmash" (included in the division "Severstal Russian Steel"). Currently, work is continuing on the device refractory lining inside the enclosure heater.

Will finish the lining of the dome and in the settling chamber heater, complete the installation of pipelines mixed gas and combustion air, install the equipment. This complex work is scheduled for completion in November 2013. Will then be tested metal structures housing for durability. When the test is to be done complex work required to connect to the unit working heaters (block number 5 blast furnace consists of 4 stoves).

All work on the reconstruction of the heater number 1 is expected to be completed by the end of 2013, after which the heater is put on the "hot testing".

The reconstruction project implemented by enterprises belonging to the Division "Severstal Russian Steel". The general designer is "Severstal Project", the general contractor — "Domnaremont."

Blast stove — regenerative unit for preheating blast blown into the blast furnace. The heated air blast reduces coke consumption, improve technical and economic parameters of the blast furnace.

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