On CherMK launched a new turbine generator

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill launched into trial operation a new turbine generator number 4 rated capacity of 50 MW. Now experts are conducting the test unit in different modes with different values of the power output.
TG-4 is built on the site of the old unit and double the capacity of its predecessor. The purpose of the construction — reducing the costs of production by increasing the production of its own electricity at CherMK.

"In 2011, the share of own consumption of electricity in the overall CherMK was 52.6 percent. With the launch of the generator, it will increase to almost 55 percent. Start turbogenerator number 4 will develop further 130 million kW / h of electricity per year ", — the general director of" Severstal Russian Steel "Alexander Grubman.
Design, supply and installation supervision of the main equipment has carried out the Japanese company «Sojitz Corporation». The turbine is made by «SHIN NIPPON MACHINERY CO», Japan; generator — the company «Meidensha», Japan.
Implementation of the project was carried out by companies "Severstal Russian Steel". The general contractor for the construction made OOO "Severstal-Promservice" working documentation for the project carried OOO "Severstal Project." In total, the project included 20 companies, 15 of them are building complex of Cherepovets.
The total cost of the project — about 1.4 billion rubles.

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