On Chita HPP-1 heater installed a new network GSN-1400

July 31 Chita HPP-1 occurred at the plant project space network heater PSG-1400. The equipment weighs 28 tons, a length of 8 meters, a width of 4 meters.

These works are held in the framework of the comprehensive investment project "Reconstruction of heating equipment Chita HPP-1." Its funding comes at the expense of the additional share issue carried out in 2008. Until the end of the year are going to increase power system heat output Chita HPP-1 with the turbines for 70 Gcal / h.

— The third and final phase of the modernization of equipment Chita HPP-1 is a reconstruction of turbine number 6 transfer it to the counter. The meaning of the work is to use the heat of the turbine exhaust steam to heat the heating network — said Acting director of "Chita Generation" Eugene Kuhtin. — The cost of work exceeds 80 million rubles. By the beginning of the heating season, all the work will be completed and the turbine generator number 6 will be put into operation.

Recall that in the framework of the project in 2011 was a large-scale renovation to the water treatment system at the plant. Additional tanks installed coagulated and purified water, mounted additional natrikationovy filter uses automatic self-cleaning screen filters AF — 800, made in Israel. Modern technology has allowed at times to increase the life of heating systems and other heating equipment.

Implementation of the investment project will ensure the growth of heat energy by increasing the capacity of the heat network, expand the market and provide thermal energy demand for heating power of new construction in the capital of Trans-Baikal. Furthermore improve the technical and economic performance of the Chita HPP-1 will improve the accident rate and the defectiveness of thermal networks, reduced heat loss, and TGK-14 will be able to provide quality heat consumers.

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