On Efremovskom chemical plant introduced new storage sulfuric acid

In 2012, a branch of Efremovskom "Shchekinoazot" completed several major projects, the modernization program. In particular, commissioned storage of sulfuric acid grade "C", reported IA "Tula press" the press service of the company.


The new facility allows you to store as battery acid. In June EHZ received for the product quality of the diploma of the Russian character.

"The completion of the reconstruction of the drying cycle, the tower has become this year, the main purpose of stopping repair", — the press-service of the Tula himpredpriyatiya.

Put into operation drying tower — the third of four existing on-site plant, reconstruction of fourth in the plans in 2013.

In November, at the same time with the drying tower, commissioned a new storage of liquid sulfur.


In early December, Efremovskom branch commissioned new rail scales, working in a dynamic and a static mode, which reduces the cost of the maneuvers of the locomotive, diesel fuel, labor costs. Computerization ensures weighing accuracy, speeds up the process of product shipment and unloading of raw materials, facilitates the work of staff.

"In 2013, a branch of the plan to transfer the shipment of sulfuric acid to customers on the platform in tan-containers. An equally important task — the technical study of all the services of the construction of the first monohydrate absorber. It will produce high-quality products: sulfuric acid and battery grade K "- reported IA" Tula press ".

At the end of 2013 will be inzhiring contract with one of the companies.


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