On Energomashspetsstal introduced into operation a new steelmaking complex

At PJSC "EMSS" (EMSS, Kramators’k Donetsk region). Owned by the end of 2010 is the Russian "Atomenergomash" on Nov. 15 planned start of the new steelworks. This should be the final step in the modernization of EMSS, which since the acquisition of the Russian company "Energomashspetsstal" invested over $ 100 million, the head of the supervisory board, general manager of "Atomenergomash" Andrew Nikipelov.

According to him, a new furnace with a modern powerful gas treatment could produce up to 76 tons of steel per hour, and the melting time will decrease from three and a half to less than one hour. The complex is equipped installing furnace steel processing and enable the company to produce large-capacity bars weighing up to 500 tons.

CEO "Atomenergomash" noted that since 2010, the volume of sales in the nuclear sector "Energomashspetsstal" increased from 10% to 17%, to about $ 30 million in 2012. In 2013, the company plans to use blanks for VVER-TOI.

A. Nikipelov also said that "EMSS" plans on the basis of 2012 to reach the level of sales in the $ 190 million "in 2013, despite continued economic uncertainty in a number of target regions, the company intends to maintain sales at the same level," — he added.

EMSS — the largest Ukrainian producer of special cast and forged products for nuclear and conventional energy — since 2010 part of the Engineering Division of "Rosatom". The company in 2011 reduced net income from sales by 3.2% — to UAH 1.3 billion. (About $ 162 million) and net profit of about 33 million USD. (About $ 4.1 million), while in 2010 the company completed a net loss of over 212 million USD.

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