On its 20th anniversary, Nibulon opens the 20th elevator complex

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December 1, 2011 held celebrations on the occasion of the opening of the modern elevator complex on the receipt, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds branch "Denihivska" (p. Denihovka Tetievsky district, Kyiv region).

Construction of the complex began Sept. 5, 2011, chaired by the Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk, with the participation of foreign partners and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia Michael Borg-Hansen.

This is the 20th company, raised the company as part of its investment projects. Construction of the elevator at Kiev (which was by no means a cakewalk) once again has demonstrated the "nibulonovsky" standard — to build quickly, efficiently and in less than three months.

With the construction of the object used advanced technology, the latest equipment, including long-time partner of the company, the Danish company «CIMBRIA UNIGRAIN A / S». She takes part in the project company as a general supplier of process equipment in the framework of export financing from Export Credit Fund of Denmark. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia Mikael Debt-Hansen, as he notes, is experiencing a great pleasure seeing how evolving relationship between the company and the Danish company, just to put this object "Nibulon" two-thirds of the equipment. During the construction of the elevator was taken from the Danish firm 14 containers with equipment weighing nearly 276 thousand pounds! Another partner "Nibulon," the American company «SCAFCO», delivered to the construction site 27 truckloads of equipment for the installation of silos — weighing more than 400 thousand pounds!

Elevator complex branch "Denihivska" impresses with its equipment and modernity. The construction of high-tech facility required all builders and "nibulonovskoy" team of great responsibility and professionalism, so in less than three months was as follows:

— Goals nearly 2,488 piles;
— Brewed 670 tons of reinforcement;
— Manufactured and installed 3,200 tons of steel;
— Metal sheets trimmed with more than 7200 square meters. m of the surface
— Assembled 1283 m and 486 m conveyor bucket elevators;
— For mounting 12 granaries were used more than a million (!) Last Updated;
— Padded 2,000 m and 2,840 m pipe sewers.

Elevator branch "Denihivska" describes a number of technological innovations (in comparison with other businesses of the company):

— Mounted aspiration system area of 1600 square meters. m and installed 10 filters Danish company «Simatek», with total capacity of 132 thousand cubic meters. m per year. Dust emission maximum of each filter does not exceed 50 mg per cc. m, which corresponds to the sanitary standards of Europe. Also found loading sleeves «Moduflex» — all bunkers downloads on road and rail transport, which also reduces dust emissions into the environment;

— Complex treatment plant is designed for cleaning and disinfection of household and stormwater. Blocking treatment systems, the use of advanced technologies, reagents and equipment to more efficient work and treat the wastewater to standard indicators for discharge into waterways cultural purpose. Treatment of domestic wastewater is produced by advanced technology of membrane biological reactor in modular complex. This technology combines the processes of wastewater aerobic microorganisms organic sludge and separation of purified water from the activated sludge by ultrafiltration membranes;

— Cleaning rainwater is carried out using modular complex with the use of modern high-flocculants. The whole complex is made solutions is sufficient to eliminate the environmental risk;

— Drying complex mounted on enterprise further comprises (besides the two dryers) 4 conveyors 2 and 2 elevator waste bin. Drying the complex has a capacity of 100 tons per hour it is sealed to prevent ingress of dust-laden air into the atmosphere.

Novovystroennom company focused on high-speed low-temperature drying of grain. At its planning and subsequent construction was taken into account the experience of leading grain-producing countries in the world market (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, etc.). These states have long chosen to be a radical reduction of energy consumption in their own silos by switching to a low-temperature drying — that is, the bulk of the grain passes a short-term heat treatment is gentle and then finish drying in silo aeration. This is the experience of saving the world is being introduced in the elevators "Nibulon."

Is not an exception and branch "Denihivska" — at the heart of the production process at the plant is just such an idea, but it is constructive and hardware is original, as designed and decorated specialists. Forces of patent search was conducted to identify information relating to the matter, take into account the world experience operating systems, active ventilation — that was developed entirely new, in fact, "nibulonovskih" active ventilation system, which is fully justified itself in the work and significantly outperforms other existing systems in the world .

The company installed high-tech dryers «DNG 26 R», production «Cimbria Unigrain», in which the original was left virtually constructive frame — because sieves (produced Kharkov Plant. Frunze), burners (produced factory "Promgazapparat), etc … is proprietary company. Also experienced by the specialists of "Nibulon" picked up the best conditions of drying. These dryers are silo-cascade-type, that is, the grain is fed into the shaft moves toward the heat to the air flow — and thus it is drying. The design of the new dryers reduces injury grain drying and uniform heating of the grain flow. A reduced energy cost of the dryer and then the drying process reduces the cost of the production process and can improve the performance of production and improve the quality of the grain.

So, as a consequence — Ukraine received another modern elevator from "Nibulon", which can simultaneously storing 77 tons of grain production and shipping and receiving five thousand tons per day.

Elevators companies are always different from the others with his accomplishment, flawless appearance. The elevator in the Kiev region was no exception: for site improvement concrete was covered 16,300 square meters. m area enclosed 2,100 square meters. m paving, lawn planted with 30,500 square meters. m square. Feature of an object is a green area — 150 trees and 700 shrubs. In the plant will be operating two fountains, and employees and visitors will always be able to relax under pergolas.

This victory — merit of "Nibulon ‘and contractors. Only worked on the construction of 56 organizations from 12 regions of Ukraine (ie, more than 1500 people!), 26 units were involved sophisticated equipment.

For hard work and the work of the victorious want to name the organizations who have proven themselves during the construction of the object:

— LLC "drongo" (head Kolonenko Andrey);

— PE "Crystal" (Khomenko, Anatoly Pavlovich);

— PE "Zheldorstroy" (Gavrilets Youri);

— PE "Vysotnik" (Yuri A. Egorov);

— LLC "Ukrbauer" (Obleschuk Mikhail);


— PF "Interaction" (Levchenko Vladimir G.);

— LLC "Budkomunservis" (Burik Anatoly);

— PE "Transvit" (Seljutin Sergei T.);

— PE IBC "Solvi" (Nightingale Sergey);

— LLC "Poltavaspetsmontazh" (Lukin Valentin);

— "Center of frame construction" (Michael P. Shtompel).

"NIBULON", contractors, local residents are grateful to the local authorities and personally Chairman of Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk — to create the conditions for the work, with the ability to work productively, avoiding bureaucracy, as well as patriotism and desire to see a strong investor in the region.

We are grateful to our foreign partners (the Danish government, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank) for their trust and support. "In celebration of the commissioning we will be pleased to see representatives of the EBRD, the World Bank and other partners. After all, our work for them — is a litmus test of business lending in Ukraine. Let them once again see our success with you — and it is not the last. We are proud to say that our investment program is still at least 2 years — 2 years stable tireless work for the future "- said General Director of" NIBULON "Alex Vadaturskyy.

Production capacity elevator complex branch "Denihivska" allow to receive, process and overload up to 250 thousand tons of agricultural products a year. This company will take an active part in the late grain harvest this year, which is very important given the shortage of elevator capacities in Ukraine.

The introduction of the enterprise in the Kiev region — this is a real economic benefit: the development of infrastructure, the infusion of the budgets of all levels, particularly at the local, towns Denihovka — 4,000,000 USD. each year, it’s jobs and decent wages. Already, the company has opened new doors to 60 young professionals, providing them with a prestigious and stable operation.

Traditionally, "NIBULON" Being a socially responsible company not only invests heavily in infrastructure development of different regions, but also acts as an initiator of new approaches to the development of community facilities. Innovations such approaches is that the company transfers the funds to local governments before and during the construction period, not after its completion. The investment project of the entire community rallied village, not a single resident of the village did not remain on the sidelines.

In general, the local society of "NIBULON" has received nearly 3.4 million USD. to address social issues. These funds have made such work: seat stadium has been completely renovated (new carpet, several sports fields, etc. — in the amount of 560 thousand UAH.) Local school received a "breath of new information technologies", as follows: two renovated and equipped furniture and modern computer equipment cabinets chemistry and computer science, as well as additional comfort — a renovated front entrance, the reconstruction of internal toilets, school yard and the street adjacent to the school Shevchenko has a new cover (estimate work amounted to 274 ths.). Also in local preschools "Dawn" and "Rainbow" set windows and doors, repairing boiler; works on improvement of the adjacent to the monument of "Glory" of the territory, the regional ambulance purchased and installed windows and doors. Now the work is done by covering the streets of the village Denihovka, acquisition and installation of windows and doors at a local hospital, repairing water tower, installation of fencing, repair of the chapel and cemetery patching roads, develop a master plan for the village.

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