On Karmanovskaya GES (Bashkiria) released into the reservoir ton


Karmanovskaia plant (branch of LLC "Bashkir Generation Company") held its annual process of stocking the reservoir, which serves to cool the circulating water plant.

In the presence of a special committee, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Belarus, Bashkir generating company and Karman‘s fish farm, the pond was issued more than 1 ton of fry and fingerlings of grass carp and silver carp — only about 20,000 fishes.

Energy carried stocking Karman reservoir more than 15 years. On the one hand, it is important for proper operation of power, on the other — has a great environmental importance.

The fact that the discharged power plant warm water, if you do not use special measures leads to the rapid formation of algae, water begins to "bloom" at the bottom of a mucous membrane. Launched an annual special types of herbivorous fish, just clean it up and help regulate the natural biological balance of the reservoir. For example, grass carp eats grass hard to gain 1 kg of the weight he eats 80 kg of vegetation, food carp — single-celled algae, from which the water "blooms." 

Research on the effectiveness of stocking Karman reservoir held Tatar State Research Institute of Lake and River Management (TatgosNIIORH).

"The challenge is to find the right ratio of fish species that feed on phytoplankton and aquatic vegetation, on the one hand, and zooplankton, on the other hand. According to the recommendations TatgosNIIORH as biological techs that eat aquatic vegetation, using mostly herbivorous fish: grass carp and silver carp, "- says laboratory engineer Conservation Karmanovskaya TPP Yulia Kuznetsova.

Supplier fry selected through an open competition. For many years, the right to enter into contract wins, LLC "Karman’s fish farm." This year, the costs for the purchase of TPP Karmanovskaya fry were more than 300 thousand rubles.

Biological treatment of water herbivorous fish has a positive effect. Years of research conducted on the reservoir showed that the cooling pond is one of the cleanest bodies of water in the region as in the chemical and the biological level.


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