On Kirishskaya TPP launched the most powerful combined-cycle plant in Russia

"Gazprom" has commissioned a combined-cycle power plant at Kirishskaya unit (PSU) with a capacity of 800 MW. During the project, a large-scale modernization of the power N6 (commissioned in 1975)., Through which its efficiency increased from 38% to 55% and specific fuel consumption has decreased by almost 32%.  

Commissioning of 800 MW CCGT power plant is Kirishskaya the largest input-generating equipment, working as a unit, for the last 30 years. Thus PGU-800 became the most powerful steam and gas power in Russia. Since its commissioning, the total installed capacity of the power plant Kirishskaya increased to about 2.6 GW.

Kirishskaya power plant — the largest thermal power plant of the United Energy Systems (UES) of the North-West, located in the Leningrad region, 150 km south-east of St. Petersburg. The station is a manufacturing subsidiary of OAO "OGK-2" (the controlling shareholder of the company — OOO "Gazprom energy"). Basic equipment Kirishskaya TPP was commissioned in 1983 she 1965.

Total liabilities generating companies "Gazprom" (JSC "OGK-2", OAO "Mosenergo", OAO "TGC-1") under the contract for supply of power (PDM) for the period until the end of 2016. about 9 GW. Given the PGU-800 Kirishskaya power plant, the total amount of inputs generating companies Gazprom within the Democratic Party has reached 3.8 GW.


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