On Kovylkinsky feed mill opened a new production line of vegetable oil

On Kovylkinsky feed mill (Mordovia, a group of companies "Talina") commissioned a new production line for oil capacity of 300 kg of grain per hour. Oil and meal used to make animal feed. Its production of raw materials for animal feed allows you to control the quality at every stage and to reduce the cost of production.

Feeds and direction "Talina" focused on meeting the internal needs of the group in the complete feed. Today in pig holding contained 160,000 animals. The development of pig production is not possible without the organization of a balanced nutrition of animals. In the region of the Republic of Mordovia Kovylkinsky being built pig-hundred-thousanders. In Ulyanovsk region is planned to reconstruct a breeding farm and construction of a second modern pig farm. By 2015, the group of companies planning to increase the number of animals in four times and at the same time contain 400 thousand

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