On KVSZ created the most modern subway trolley

The success of new technology from Kryukov Railcar can call up the work of the interdepartmental committee, which was held in Kiev on 22-23 May. It reviewed the design features, technical specifications, the results of tests of the new truck model 68-7054 subway car with pneumatic suspension and non central disc brakes. And unanimously made a decision on awarding the technical documentation for this technique letters A, which gives the right to mass production.

Specialists of the company, working on a new cart, sought to create a product that would be as easy to use and contributed to the increase of passenger comfort in the underground transport. For this purpose its structure applied asynchronous motor, pneumatic spring, drive current and braking equipment. This has improved smoothness, increase turnaround. Incorporates advanced lubrication of wheel flanges and other technical innovations. For example, the bogie frame tube with minimum weight has a safety factor of 2.61 (the standard 1.7).

Equipment subway cars trucks with central pnevmopodveshivaniem (both new and upgrade) will reduce noise and vibration, improve the smoothness of motion, it will significantly increase the comfort for passengers. The train carriages with such strong brakes and minimize wear and tear of the wheel flange. And, then, reduced maintenance costs and service life will be held from 30 to 40 years old! It was such trucks will be equipped with the Kiev Metro subway cars, upgraded to Kryukov Wagon Works. 

As the Chairman of the Commission, the chief engineer of the Kiev Metro Vladimir Zel, new modern truck meets all the requirements for the transport of social purpose and safety standards in its design takes into account all the wishes of the customer — the Kiev Metro.

It could not be. After all, the design of this truck embodied all of the advanced technical solutions in the field of metrovagonostroeniya. And the demonstrated benefits during trials in the capital’s subway in the new metro trains with asynchronous traction drive from Kryukov Railcar.

The members of the Commission during the investigation of the design documentation and discuss the results of the tests indicated probegovyh stable KVSZ high professionalism and high quality products.

They were the first passengers of the new train station, with the comfort of a ride on the underground and overground routes Kiev Metro.


In the Kiev subway has 6 subway trains (30 cars) produced Kryukov Railcar.

On KVSZ created a subway train with asynchronous traction drive, which is the best word in metrovagonostroeniya. March 20, 2012 a train, subway carriages equipped with serial production KVSZ also received permission of the interdepartmental commission for mass production.

Then, it was equipped with the cart at the central station pnevmopodveshivanii and, as we see, has successfully passed all tests with excellent results.

Kryukov Wagon Works has 15 years of experience with the underground in Ukraine and CIS countries. During this time, created six models of escalators, 7 models of subway cars, trucks for 9 models of subway cars.
Work on the creation of new technology continues.

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