On MSSZ held Launching situational vessel of 3050

August 16, 2012 at the Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair plant a ceremonial launching of the situational vessel of 3050 Class PPP "P 1.2", serial number 204, being built under the State contract for the construction of the project: "Upgrade service fleet."

The vessel will be installed allowing the crane arm set buoys, situational signs, make loading-unloading works. The solemn ceremony was opened by the Director shipbuilding complex Yevstigneev VV, he congratulated the workers of the factory with the descent of the third of the 27 modern situational ships built by order of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport for businesses serving the inland waterways. According to the custom of the Sea "godmother" of the vessel head of a group of technical documentation of "MSSZ" Erimbetova Allen broke a bottle of champagne on its board.

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