On NEFAZ (Bashkiria) opened a new production

October 30 NEFAZ open area of manufacturing aluminum hulls of tanks, equipment and the automatic welding of longitudinal and circumferential welds.

Capacity of the new line can produce annually 500 tanks made of aluminum alloy capacity of 28, 30 and 32 cubic meters The plant has invested in the project of 72 million rubles.

At the production facilities of 2000 m2 laid a complete cycle of welding and assembly of tanks — from the blank shells to install the suspension system.

At the 3-shift operation at the site will be created 70 new jobs. Payback period 4.2 years (with the release of 500 pieces. Cases per year of aluminum tanks).

The purpose of the capacity for the production of capacitive-filling technique is the transition to the demands of the transport and storage of light oil products in the class of "Euro-4".

According to experts, the Russian market is growing is bound to increase demand for aluminum toplivoperevozchikah. NEFAZ with the introduction of the new complex is the leading manufacturer of aluminum capacitive-filling technique in terms of the technologies used.

The complex welding and assembly developed technical services of "NEFAZ" together with the firm ING Grimm — one of the leaders in the development of advanced manufacturing technologies capacitive-filler technology in Germany.

The complex «Ing GRIMM» has become the leading equipment manufacturers such as ESS, Cloos, HyperTherm (Germany) and others.

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