On OmPA Irtysh launched a new power

July 17, at Omsk Production Association "Irtysh" commissioned a new stand-alone power supply unit. Energocomplex represents four gas-fired installations, each of which produces an electric power of 500 kW and 608 kW output. Modern generator of heat and electrical energy can provide up to 80% of the company’s needs in electricity. Thermal power is sent through a network of heat exchangers in hot water urban village "Rainbow".

According to the release, the energy complex OmPA "Irtysh" reduces the cost of 1 kWh of energy by 2.4 times.

— Since the beginning of 2013 in the power of the region is the third entry of new capacity. This is an important task of reducing energy deficient Omsk region, the solution of which provides security both businesses and the region as a whole. In this case, the introduction of new capacity Association "Irtysh" provides not only its own energy needs, but also to other organizations and housing sectors. Of course, energy efficiency and security of the region will be much higher if the experience will be replicated by other companies and, — listed in the press release, the words of Yuri Hamburg.

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