On phosphorus introduced a system to reduce energy costs

In the workshop for the production of sulfuric acid Industrial Group "Fosforit" the work started absorbing heat recovery system (Heat Recovery System), which will help to reduce energy costs. Implementation of the system will produce up to 65 tons per hour of low pressure steam from the heat generated in the production of sulfuric acid. In turn, the increase in steam production capacity will increase the power of the enterprise and in the future will "Fosforit" to move on absolute self-sufficiency.
Equipment HRS system is a patented equipment. Its costs totaled 360 million rubles. On the realization of the whole project, "EuroChem" sent 661 million rubles.
Construction of Heat Recovery System was conducted in the course of this year. During the installation and the progress of commissioning of the new system took place under the control of the firm SNC-LAVALIN INC. Immediately before starting the HRS specialists from Canada spent for staff training UCS service installation.
The introduction of heat recovery absorption implemented under the Integrated Program saving businesses up to 2015. Of the other major events planned to increase the energy efficiency of sulfuric acid production capacity to 1 million tons per year (now 750 thousand tons per year monohydrate), modernization of plant EPC dihydrate to hemihydrate mode of operation, as well as the construction of power of 32 MW.

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