On Polypack-Ufa commissioned machine SMC 85-IB for

Pharmaceutical Packaging Production

Another injection-blow molding machine SMC brand was launched in Bashkortostan. Machine SMC 85-IB commissioned in "Polypack-Ufa" professional manufacturer of packaging materials (blown containers and labels) for pharmaceutical companies.

New complex with molds was set for making drip bottles 10 ml high density polyethylene. Performance of the machine exceeds 7000 units / hour at 20 nests. Injection blow molding technology allows the firm to "Polypack-Ufa" to provide the minimum dimensions and tolerances gage bottle (especially in the neck), which in turn provides end users the ability to work on high-speed lines, filling, capping and labeling.

The machine is 85-IB was the second similar machine for "Polypack-Ufa", where more than one and a half years, operated a complex for the production of drip bottles of 15 ml, and 20 nests. All in all, the Ufa region has been running nine injection-molding machines SMC, which confirms the leading role of the Russian market of small polyolefin bottles produced by injection blow molding.

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